Wireless Carriers Decommissioning 3G Services

The Chesterfield Public Safety Deprtment wants the public to be aware that the wireless phone carriers are in the process of decommissioning 3G networks. This means that if you currently have a mobile or cellular device that still utilizes 3G technology, it will no longer work once the carriers shut down 3G service.

This change will typically affect older style 3G models of Tracfones, flip phones, Jitterbugs, and smartphones from 2008 and prior.

As 3G service is phased out, it will also impact your ability to dial 911 via your mobile phone in the event of an emergency. Some carriers may still allow emergency 911 calls with 3G devices, while other carriers and devices may not work at all.

If it’s unknown whether your 911-phone is a 3G model, check the phone’s IMEI serial number. (IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity) You may find the IMEI in one of the following ways:

– Under the “About” tab of your smartphone.
– Pressng *#06# on the phone’s keypad.

Once you have found your device’s IMEI, enter that number at https://www.imei.info which will be provide you with details on the phone and the network it is set up for. The 3G network uses frequencies at 900Mhz or 2100Mhz.

If you have a 3G cellular device – you may want to upgrade, in order to make sure you can maintain service and the ability to dial 911 via your mobile device in the event of an emergency.

Verizon has set a shut off date of December 31, 2022 for their 3G cellular service.
AT&T has set a shut off date of February 2022 for thir 3G cellular service.

You can learn more about Verizon and AT&T 3G decommissioning via the following links:


AT&T has also provided a list of devices that will continue to work after the cutoff at: