Thanksgiving Turkey Safety

Cooking fires are a real risk on Thanksgiving as well as any other time of the year. Remember some safety rules!

  • Deep fry your turkey outside on level ground away from the house, deck or overhang.
  • Do not overfill the pot with oil. Read the instructions.
  • Be sure your bird is thoroughly thawed and as dry as possible. Water or ice will cause the oil to “boil-over”
  • If fire breaks out in the oven, close the door of the oven and call the fire department. The oven door will cut off oxygen the fire needs.
  • Turn pot handles on the stove inward to prevent spills. Keep small children and pets away from the hot appliances.
  • Do not wear loose sleeves or clothing when near a stovetop or grill. Prevent being burned by clothing catching fire.
  • As always have a working fire extinguisher, working smoke detectors, and an exit plan to protect your home and family. Be sure smoke detectors work where ever you are spending the night!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving from the Chesterfield Fire Department!!