Get Alerts When Severe Weather Approaches

You need to know when severe weather is approaching!  Luckily there are now a variety of ways that you can be alerted when conditions are favorable for severe weather to strike!

Local News
One of the easiest ways to stay aware of sever weather conditions, is to tune into your local TV news.  Chances are, if severe weather is approaching, they will preempt regular programming to keep you alerted of quickly changing conditions.

Radio Stations
Most local weather stations (especially talk radio stations) provide regular weather updates on the hour or more frequently.  If you are in your car, you can easily learn of severe weather conditions at regular intervals in the broadcast.

Weather Websites
Whether it be websites dedicated to providing weather forecasts (,,, or local news station websites (,,, you can quickly find weather forecasts and warnings for your specific area.

Cell Phone Apps
There are a variety of apps available for your cellphone that not only allow you to view the forecast, but also alert you of severe weather approaching.  Most phones will have a built-in weather app, but if you are looking for more details and alerts, some of the apps available include: Storm Shield, Storm Tracker, 4WARN Weather, FOX2 Weather App, and NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts.

NOAA Weather Radio
You may want to consider picking up a NOAA weather alert radio for your home or workplace. This tried-and-true method of alerting you of severe weather doesn’t require a cell phone, TV or other specialized device.  These devices often have a battery powered backup, so they will even keep you informed of severe weather if you lose power in your home. NOAA weather radios are available at a variety of retail stores, or even at your favorite online retailer.

Stay alert, stay safe!