Hazardous Material Inventory Statement (HMIS)

Section 14i of the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act (MI-OSHA), Act No. 154, P.A. of 1974, as amended, requires that each Fire Chief prepare and disseminate to each fire fighter information on facilities within their jurisdiction that use or produce hazardous chemicals.

The Michigan Fire Prevention Code, Act No. 207, P.A. of 1941, as amended, requires that any firm handling hazardous chemicals provide information to the Fire Chief upon request. This allows the fire department to gather information on each chemical so that the requirements of MI-OSHA can be met.

Chesterfield Fire Prevention Code, Chapter 38 of the Chesterfield Township Code, requires a permit for the storage, dispensing, use, or handling of hazardous materials and defines reportable quantities.

To assist our department in fulfilling its responsibilities under these requirements, we are requesting that you perform the following if you have quantities of hazardous chemicals equal to or greater than what is defined:

  • Read the entire document. It contains all the information you need to complete the required Hazardous Material Inventory Statement (HMIS). The HMIS list the hazardous products located on your site during the calendar year. Reporting is required, for Firefighter Safety, in the event of an emergency.
  • The HMIS (as an MS Excel spreadsheet), an electronic floor plan and a current emergency contact form are all required to be submitted within 10 business days, unless otherwise agreed upon with the fire inspector.
  • All documentation can be e-mailed directly to the requesting Fire Inspector, or, to the Fire Marshall at rschroeder@chesterfieldfire.org in the “Subject” line of the email, insert “HMIS PACKET RETURN – (Your Address)”.
    • Do not return Safety Data Sheets (SDS) unless requested by the fire inspector

If the information you provide indicates that your firm is a user, producer, or otherwise handles hazardous chemicals and the chemicals on site meet or exceed the specified quantities, we will be contacting you for further information. This may include specific locations of the chemicals at your facility; SDS’s; or to schedule a fire inspection.

If there is a change concerning the use, production, storage, or quantity of hazardous chemicals at your facility in the future, please contact the fire department so that we may answer your questions and update our files. Questions concerning this matter can be directed to the Fire Prevention Division at 586-648-5135.